Community, Communication and Solidarity

Welcome to The Pirate Network

Much like a good group of friends or a tight-knit family, members of a healthy community mutually respect each other and support each other. Through these actions communities become stronger and more efficient through acts of solidarity and mutual aid.

We live in a time where the communities in which we live our daily lives, such as work places, local communities and even the internet, rely or take order from a central authority or source. This, in near all cases, results in inequality and a lack, or non-existence, of solidarity and mutual aid within a community. This means the authority has the power to exploit, oppress and abuse the members of the community.

This happens in some aspects of our lives more than others. Our neighborhoods by corrupt policing authorities and our work places by slave wage paying, union busting bosses. But most noticeable, and lately in the spot light, is the media and communication on which we rely on. These platforms of so-called “free speech” and “news” have been manipulated and exploited by our governments to the point they are actively used against us and our communities. Media is used to spread fear and bigotry causing segregation in communities effecting their ability to function. Or means of communication, on which we organize, used to spy on us and monitor us.

The internet still offers free speech and the ability to organize, but not out of sight and authority of the state. This is mainly due to the centralization of many, if not all, of our means of communication. Facebook, Twitter and Hotmail for example have been working directly with authorities with the same outcomes, exploitation and manipulation of the users. This means that one of our biggest tools used to create strong communities is manipulated by centralized authority to stop true equality through horizontal organization of communities occurring, as in the end this would take away the authority and it’s hold it has on that community as the members relied on each other and not the authority.

Here at The Pirate Network we want to help build a decentralized means of communication within communities that are collectively ran by the people for the people and maintained without exploitation and manipulation of the users. We hope this can create a source of both free and private speech as well as a source of solidarity and organization within communities, both local and global. We aim to help the struggle against the abuse and existence of unjust authority by allowing people to organize and build their own means of collective communication.

We will be doing this through many ways but mainly a launch of a social network with peer to peer devices called nodes, wireless mesh networking devices, a podcast and we will also be getting involved within communities in both first world and developing countries to give them a means of communication that they can benefit from.

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